I've worked on some lovely books with Wendy Orr
Duncan Ball can introduce you to his talking dog friend, Selby, and Emily Eyefinger. And right now I'm working on illustrations for his ridiculous book of poems called, "My Sister Has a Big Black Beard". It's due to be published in June 2009.
Mark David has some amazing science stuff to show you, and beautiful photography, and is a wonderful illustrator and cartoonist. Check out his Crazy Cars book!
I've begun to use an Intuos3 graphics tablet. This isn't an ad...I'm enjoying using it although having got the 6x8 I'm wondering if the 4x6 would have been good enough. I didn't shop around enough and could have got it at a better price than I did.
I've been cartooning for Medical Observer for about 18 years. It is designed for medical people essentially and has been a wonderful publication in which to explore all kinds of topics- from depressed polar bears to ventriloquists with a cold.
This isn't an ad...just my experience...to create cartoons and illustrations I'm using Corel Painter Essentials 3 software at the moment which came with my graphics tablet, and hope to be using PainterX shortly which is available to download for a free trial. I could use more undo steps but am finding the layers very useful. I haven't worked out if it's possible to save in CMYK (designed for the inks of print media which in effect subtract wavelengths of colour) as opposed to RGB (designed for the light-produced colours on a computer monitor which are created by adding wavelengths.)
I'm on a Mac- I wanted to create my own website so used a program recommended by my brother called RapidWeaver. Again, this isn't an ad, just sharing my own experience. If you decide to go in this direction, the Blocks Plug-in is fantastic. I had to learn a lot to put in the right info to get it hosted and indexed with search engines which meant buying a SiteMap plugin, and I had to get the hang of "meta tags" which I probably still don't have the hang of, but I managed pretty well with the instructions at hand, support, and forum.
Drawing for The School Magazine is one of my favourite jobs. Each month I receive a manilla envelope and it may contain poems, plays, crafts, stories, articles about bugs in your tummy...I never know what I'll be drawing!!
The Law Society Journal of NSW is another publication for whom I've been cartooning for a number of years. Sometimes I do cartoons to accompany odd little stories, and sometimes I need to sum up complex legal or social issues. I love doing both.
Work and Website Tools Nitty Gritty
Geoffrey McSkimming is a delightful fellow who is passionate about many things and travels into pyramids and to other exotic locations...Cairo Jim learned everything he knows from Geoffrey.
Peter Sheehan is a writer and illustrator who also draws for The School Magazine. He uses a computer. I really love and admire his work. He is VERY inventive!
Gaye Chapman is an amazing fine artist. She draws for The School Magazine and makes wonderful paintings. I love her work in the beautiful book, Kaito's Cloth
Kerry Millard painting as Kerry Thompson
I have begun painting under my non-nom-de-plume Kerry Thompson. Please drop in and visit my gallery at kerrythompsonsgallery.com
Kevin Chamberlain of Kevin Chamberlain Photography at West Pennant Hills, Sydney took brilliant photos of two paintings for me and I'll get him to do any in future. www.kevinchamberlain.com.au

Abe Bastoli at Pennant Hills Studio processed the photos of two of my paintings and did a wonderful job. Couldn't have been closer to the originals. 98 - 100 Yarra Rd Pennant Hills NSW 2125 Australia