Scanner spanner in the works

Today I get to do some more drawings for Duncan Ball’s “My Sister Has a Big Black Beard”. Yay!

I had to stop for a few days while I travelled to Manilla near Tamworth to visit friends and met a lovely painter, while I did cartoons for other people, while I crashed my old computer lots when I was trying to re-scan the drawings I’d already sent to the publisher, while I tried to find a new scanner, while I learned how to use it with my new computer and then while I re-scanned everything.

I had to re-scan everything because after sending all of the illustrations I’ve done so far to the designer to be put into place around Duncan’s poems, I discovered I’d had my scanner on the wrong setting the first time around and everything was grey and fuzzy instead of crisp black lines on a white background. Poop!!!

Then the new scans were too big to email easily so I had to learn how to send massive files. But after a cup of tea I’ll see what Duncan’s characters are up to next.

I did some housework yesterday too. I got the leafblower out and blew the dust out of the house. It’s quicker than vacuuming.