Pearly Paint

Pearl River

I was a bit scared to start painting again after weeks of preparing for the exhibition and its launch- hard to explain why. What if I start trying too hard? What if I can’t paint anything? What if don’t know what to paint? What if it’s all rubbish?...
So, one day I bought some more canvases. Another day I got as far as putting on my overalls. Finally I picked up the brush and begant by playing around with a painting I’d already started, using it as a base. AND...I discovered amongst my paints a tube of opalescent orange- which looks pearly actually - and while part of me was saying it’s too gimmicky, the rest of me wanted to dive into it! I love how, as in reality, light hits it and you can see it from some angles and not others.

I was also busting to try to capture the seabed/moonscape which is nearby bush after hazard reduction burns have removed all but the trees. It is hauntingly disturbing and beautiful...which I hesitate to admit of something that represents destruction and a lot of loss of life of wildlife. It occurs to me that it may also resonate because the effect is similar to winter in Canada - undergrowth hidden under snow, only trunks emerging. This is actually the opposite - where everything is blown away and the bare bones and hidden secrets are revealed.

This one was very patterned - I like it but wanted to try a different direction.

Smoothed out a bit - removed a lot of the leaves to reflect the barren feel, even though in reality there are lots of fallen dead and burned leaves.

After The Burn
Final version, although I think I’ll do another where I go back the the earlier style with the patterned feel.

And a whole lot of fun. Bits of patterns extend around onto the sides.