Daisy Takes Charge and ... ???

Jodie Wells-Slowgrove and our editor, Heather, and I have had fun at our two (!) launches for our new Wilderness Fairies series published by Penguin (Australia).

I am about to pick up my paintbrush to add a grey wash to the first of the illustrations for
Daisy Takes Charge, the third book. I LOVED this one when I read it - Jodie is a magician! There are some very challenging illustrations to render so I think I need to start with some of the smaller and easier ones to get warmed up. Mind you, having to draw Daisy at night and under water in the illustrations for Daisy’s Quest was pretty challenging too!!! Wish me luck!

I have been LOVING working on this project - a lot of research about Australian plants and animals in the bush where the stores are set which I enjoy, and great characters to create.

Daisy’s Quest I learned why Monarch butterflies (insects, who have 6 legs ... ) always only seem to have four legs ... go and check it out!

The title of the fourth book will be
Daisy’s Secret - wonder what that will be about???... Stay tuned!