Gordon's eBiscuit!

I’ve been very busy next door at www.kerrythompsonsgallery.com making and exhibiting paintings, and setting up and taking down my pop-up (temporary) gallery, The Little Firefly, and being a little bit on TV, but it’s time to put my author/illustrator hat back on because I have an exciting project on my drawing table: I’m about to delve into turning my first book, Gordon’s Biscuit, into an eBook! And if I can, I’d like to turn it into a print-on-demand book too so that if you want a real book with paper pages, you will be able to order it and pay for it and your very own copy will be made for you and sent to you!

Gordons Biscuit cover

It’s exciting because this is a new field for me to explore and learn about, because I can add new bits, and because it will make Gordon’s Biscuit available to people again. It has been out of print for a few years now so you have to find one in the library or second hand bookshop if you want to read it.
A few weeks ago I ran into a family who loved Gordon’s Biscuit when the kids were little, and they had just been sitting around the table a week or so earlier trying to remember the names of all of the characters - then we ran into each other at my Little Firefly Gallery just before Christmas. I can’t tell you how heartwarming it was to hear how much they loved the book and how it had been part of their childhood. Sigh.

GB Korean
(This is Gordon’s Biscuit in Korean)
It will be fun to meet up with Sam and Ella and that cuddly, shaggy Gordon again!

AND…the trailer for the movie, “Return to Nim’s Island” is just out - take a peek! It’s the sequel to “Nim’s Island” based on the book by Wendy Orr which I illustrated. When Nim’s Island was being filmed we went onto the movie set and I was hugged by Jodie Foster and kissed by Selkie the sea lion. Pretty exciting!
Selkie kissing Kerry small
So all in all, lots going on!