I've illustrated quite a few books, I've written two, and I've done cartoons for others.

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Books for children which I have both written and illustrated
Gordon's Biscuit

(Penguin 2006, HarperCollins 1996)
Also published in Korea and in China as well
Other Children's Books which I have illustrated
(Allen & Unwin 1999, two new editions 2007 and 2008)
Also published in Germany, Italy, Spain (Spanish, Basque, Catalan) Turkey, China, Sweden, Korea, Netherlands, U.S.A. (Random House- two new editions 2007), Taiwan, Portugal, UK, Poland, Lithuania, Brazil, Slovenia, France, and in Hebrew.
Nim's Island is now a major feature film starring
Abigail Breslin and Jodie Foster.
Nim at Sea by Wendy Orr
Wendy Orr, Abigail Breslin and Kerry Millard on the set of Nim's Island during filming in 2007
Selkie kissing Kerry
(Allen & Unwin 2007, Random House USA 2007)
Also published in Taiwan, Portugal, Spain (Spanish, Catalan and Basque) China, Sweden, UK, Italy, Brazil , Germany, Turkey, Poland and in Hebrew.
Nim's Island has had several different covers. This one is the companion to the sequel, Nim at Sea.
There is now a movie based on Nim's Island
Ark in the Park by Wendy Orr
(Angus & Robertson 1994)
Also published in France, Korea, Spain (Basque and Spanish)

Ark in the Park was awarded
by the Children's Book Council of Australia
Too Much Stuff by Wendy Orr
(Penguin 2006)
The Princess and the Unicorn
by Wendy Blaxland
(Penguin 2005)
Also published in the U.K.
Spook's Shack by Wendy Orr
(Allen & Unwin 2003)
Sweetie May Overboard! by Lisa Shanahan
(ABC Books 2001)
Also published in Korea
Zoo you later! by Chris Cheng
(ABC Books 2000)
Sweetie May by Lisa Shanahan
(ABC Books 1998)
Also published in Korea. ABC Books New edition 2007
Strays by Nette Hilton
(Koala Books 1997)
What a Star by Libby Hathorn
(Angus & Robertson 1994)
Don't Throw Rocks at Chicken Pox
by Bill Condon
(Angus & Robertson 1993)
The Web by Nette Hilton
(Angus & Robertson 1992)
Also published in France, Spain, Germany and Korea
Honour Book CBC Children's Book Awards 1992,
Commended by the Family Therapy Conference 1992 Family Awards for Children's Books
Just Like Emily by Sally Odgers
(Angus & Robertson 1992)
Shortlisted for The West Australian Young Readers' Book Award 2001
A Parent's Guide 2001 Children's Media Award Winner (USA)
Maine Student Book Awards (3rd place)
Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Award Finalist
Los Angeles Times Best Books for 2001
New York Public Library's "Children's Books, 2001 - 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing"
Cochecho Readers' Award, (New Hampshire) nominee 2002-3
2005 - 2006 Battle of the Books Official List, Alaskan Association of School Librarians
Shortlisted for the West Australian Young Readers' Book Award 2004
Shortlisted for Young Australian Readers' Award 2004
Shortlisted for KOALA Awards, NSW 1996
Children's Crown Award, 2002 - 2003, USA
Cochecho Readers' Award, New Hampshire, USA, nominee 2001-2
Read on ABC Television's Playschool
The gorgeous Wilderness Fairies series by Jodie Wells-Slowgrove
Published by Penguin (Australia) 2014/15

Daisy's Gift joins Daisy's Secret, Daisy's Quest, Daisy's New Wings, and Daisy Takes Charge !