Quincy and Oscar are friends.
In fact, Quincy and Oscar are best friends.
Quincy has a frisky tail, and Oscar is a boy who goes to school.

Quincy and Oscar have moved to a new neighbourhood and have discovered that nobody seems to need a new boy or a new dog.

Quincy is full of great ideas. One day he decides to go to school with Oscar. That way, all day, they can be with each other.

Through the warmth and fun of the relationship between the two friends, and with Quincy's whimsical approach to school, by the end of the day things are very different for everybody.

This book has been called heartwarming which is a joy to me.

It was written for bigger people to read to smaller people sitting on their lap, and for bigger little people to read for themselves.
This book was written with preschool and early primary school children in mind, but I've also added lots of details in the drawings which will be fun for older children to find.

For example, the endpapers tell us something about this particular day at school. If you look carefully, you can work out which schoolbag belongs to whom.

Also, there are two little pink rubber boots (we call them gumboots in Australia) at the beginning, but only one at the end. Can you find what's happened to the other one?
There's a big picture of the town a little way into the book. I had fun creating a whole little community and have made the houses that different characters live in.

Can you work out where Hanayo lives? What about Miss Clover?

There's a little house with a red roof in the top lefthand corner- that's the house I grew up in. And you might be able to look in through a window in another building and find me drawing the pictures for the book (before my hair went a bit grey).
You can order Quincy and Oscar from ABC Books or from my local bookshop