As far as the garden path

Mostly around the kitchen table, Bonnes, Charentes, France

I had planned to take the car out for a putter today but had cartoons to do and decided to have a good solid day’s work. It had been raining and as I finished up the sun came out so I toddled off for a walk, but only got as far as the garden path. Everyone from the household was outside enjoying a cup of tea and a chat or a run around the bushes. The graphics tablet came out for a demonstration, a group illustration, then a bit of a try by the two five year olds.

A lot of conversation flowed across the kitchen table today. ......

Topics to think about:

.....How do you protect your children from unsafe others without instilling fear in them for other people in general, adults in particular, men specifically?

.....Is the move of young people from the country to cities inevitable nowadays, and maybe good for them?

.....How many five minute turns each on a graphics tablet can two five year olds want?

.....Why does it rain as soon as the clothes are hung out on the line?

.....Why didn’t the @##@$! barometer say so?

.....What are bats called in French?

.....Who would call a bat in French or anything else?

.....Who invented the desire for flat clothes? Did he (had to be a man) then offer to do the ironing????

.....Would animals in the zoo be happier if they were given a good fright every now and again to use their camouflage and running skills and instincts?

.....How would you frighten a jellyfish?

.....How could you tell?

.....What’s that scratching noise behind the wall?

.....Why do kids have the best questions, like: If worms don’t have eyes, how do they sleep?

.....Why don’t most barnyard fowl fly?

Because most of them are chicken. ( A riddle invented by my older brother in about grade 7. Ask him to tell you the elephant joke sometime...)