New gallery and has beans

(Hill house)

I’ve been a bit occupied recently - first I had a cold, then I decided to create a new domain and website called Kerry Millard’s Gallery so have been glued to the computer learning new stuff...and tweaking...have a look at


The garden is bursting out as we get deeper into spring and I’m learning lots:
- spraying everything with garlic may keep some bugs away, but others like their veges even better with a bit of garnish
- spraying everything with garlic makes everything taste like garlic
- it wasn’t a mouse eating my spinach...and a baby spinach which has been nibbled off right to the ground will regrow. Once. I’ll keep you posted if can to do it again.
- trying to twist a baby bean plant through a fence isn’t a good idea- you may break the growing tip off. Swearing doesn’t fix it. Whether it can still make a bean, I’ll let you know.
- if you plant a bunch of beans and they don’t come up at all, then if you plant a new bunch of beans in exactly the same place, they may not come up at all.
- if your raspberry canes only produce one berry every week, it’s amazing how satisfying and flavourful that one berry is if eaten very very slowly.
- I don’t really like lettuce.
- I have an awful lot of lettuce.
- Anybody want some gourmet lettuce? It’s pre-seasoned: tastes like garlic.