Produce, pups and packing for Paris

Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada

I’m about to pack up for my journey to Paris tomorrow.

Today I drove into Wolfville where, appropriately enough, there seemed to be dogs everywhere I turned visiting the Farmers Market.




Incidentally, I mentioned to a friend that the main problem I had when driving here wasn’t keeping on the right hand side of the road, but remembering not to drive too far with the handbrake on. She asked, wasn’t there a little light telling me it was on?

Not that I’d noticed...

Well, I solved it. A little sign kept lighting up ...”Traction On”. Well, to me, traction is a good thing. Of course I wanted traction. Who wouldn’t want traction? Why did the car feel it had to point out that its traction was on? I mean, if its traction was off, wouldn’t it just stand there with its wheels spinning?

OK, so Traction means handbrake. OK.