Happy New Year

On Christmas Day I decided to leave with my kids at noon to travel to the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland. It took two days to get there and was hot; in the 30s most days and one day over 40 degrees centigrade, but the mood and variety of entertainments and activities on hand made up for it. Music ran constantly in a number of venues - I loved hearing Lior live. There were workshops and I learned a bit of Auslan (Australian sign language), had singing workshops with Darren Percival (Mr. Percival) and The Kin, watched aspiring stand-up comedians perform for the first time and be critiqued, presented a poem at a poetry slam, and “sang” in the Auslan choir. The opening ceremony was fun and we stayed up all night on New Years Eve to watch the first sunrise of the new year from a hill. The Flame Ceremony which closed the festival was a marvel, and all started by an aboriginal chap who made fire by twirling the end of a long stick on another in a handful of dry grass.

I’ve just finished a painting (above) which wasn’t a deliberate attempt at portraying the festival but which certainly contains elements of the colour and stimulation of it all! In contrast, here’s one of Paris by night. Oops- the Paris one has just fallen face down onto the Woodford one...and I like the bits of paint it has picked up. I’ll take another photo.
Hmmm. I think I liked it better without the colour bits...