Look, Dick, look. See the snake. Watch Sally run.


Last week I looked up one evening to discover a little brown frog sitting at the door to the living room. Being a bit inhospitable, I know, but suspecting s/he was lost I ushered her/him outside.

A few days later I met a frog in the toilet first thing in the morning (no photo available). The situation being slightly more urgent, I managed to catch it (after it had slipped momentarily up under the rim...who knows what else could be living up there?...who invented that place?) and popped it into the pond just below the house, figuring that even if it is a terrestrial frog it would be good to start out knowing where water is. Besides, it WAS in a toilet...

Then a couple of days ago I came home from the vet (Susie’s annual vaccinations, a year’s worth of flea/tick prevention etc - $370.00...gulp) and noticed somebody on the railing outside my floor to ceiling living room window, looking in. It was the most beautiful, exciting, graceful, exquisite slender green snake. Something I have never seen before. The underside was fluorescent yellow/green, and the large gemlike scales shades of blue/green/grey. They glittered when the sun caught them.

I sped glidingly off to get my camera without frightening it away (it isn’t easy to glide quickly - you end up feeling like Groucho Marx) and took a few shots from inside. As I stood watching it from a metre and a half away, I racked my brains but couldn’t remember if green tree snakes are venomous or not, if that’s what it was. I thought maybe they are, but it looked shy, so I was then set with the age old problem- do I stand at this distance watching it for ages, or go outside and try to creep closer with the camera, but risk frightening it away. I chose the latter. I managed to film it a bit, but it decided to slither down off the verandah and across to the pond.

It was indescribably beautiful. What an exciting few moments!

I Googled it. Yes, it was a green tree snake. No, they aren’t venomous. But they do eat frogs. Aha...no wonder I’ve been having froggy visitors wanting to move in!

I don’t know snakes well enough, but wonder if it was attracted by the blue pot which has lived in the pond for years as the filter and which I have just moved up onto the verandah. Using the pot as a landmark, it may have thought the pond had moved up here too.


And then there’s the St Andrew’s Cross spider who weaves a white cross in its web...to look like a flower?...to look like it has REALLY long legs? Is this nature’s equivalent of falsies?

11 of my paintings are now hanging by invitation of the owners at a local Cafe (Little Gem) run by Bryant and Cindy, and at a local hairdresser (Contours of Hair) run by Cheryl who is very active in supporting local women in business. It will be interesting to see what feedback they inspire! And it’s about time to get back to painting!

Incidentally, we had a by-election yesterday. 22 names on the ballot, and you had to number each one from 1 - 22 to make your ballot paper valid. If your first choice doesn’t get in, then your vote goes to the second and so on. Each party therefore hands out a “How to vote” card at the entrance so if they don’t get in, they hope their nemesis won’t either, but because of that may find themselves throwing their support behind such entities as the once upon a time Party Party Party Party.

I vote at the local school which has a barbecue going to raise some funds. Democracy smells like sausages.