City ditty, scammage and camouflage.

Latest painting - City ditty
May have to do a bit more to it - wanted the dark at the top to be water with a boat in it, but it could look like sky with a moon in it. Will decide which I prefer...or may leave it ambiguous!

I had an interesting email from a chap in Prague wanting to buy three paintings...although he said I’d have to use a specific carrier to transport them - ASSESS AIR LOGISTIC. I looked them up (it seemed suspicious) and discovered it is a scam. Unsuspecting people take “his” credit card details and ship the goods, then discover the credit card is fake.

Too bad the internet is a new way for people to steal from other people, although it also provides ways of checking up. I prefer to trust, but at the same time do my homework.

Off topic, I was on the train the other day and spotted (so to speak) a poster of a little girl admiring two giraffes at Dubbo Zoo. Looking at their splotchy patterns, I began to wonder, why is it that giraffes need camouflage? I mean, if you’re that big...who isn’t going to see you?...’s big questions...

A recent ”Watch this space...” part of my exhibition hanging currently in Gordon.
The Emperor’s

(with cutting edge jaunty royal blue glomesh hat, diamond encrusted, complete with Poppycock feather)

Caution - highly ephemeral

Material not to be handled
No smoking
No food or drink within 97.2315m
Don’t swim immediately after a large meal

On loan as part of celebrations for

World Emperor Couturier
High Achievement Awards Recognition Day


World If Only The Kid Had Kept Quiet Day


Windy August - will toast my toes by the fire tonight.