Cleaning piano keys

A kookaburra came to tea...the magnolia tree was ALMOST out in bloom.

A friend was wondering how to clean ivory piano keys; my mother and her mother both played piano, my grandmother having trained at the Conservatorium in Toronto and having gone to the piano factory to choose her instrument when the day came that she could afford one. Their method for cleaning piano keys was a barely damp cloth with water for the black keys, and methylated spirits for the ivory keys using little cotton balls. I remember because cleaning them used to be my job. The keys were clean but my fingernails really dry after I’d finished.

Actually, I guess toothpaste should work seeing as ivory is actually tooth enamel, but the rinsing and spitting would be hard.


My grandmother was one of four girls. One time they were out in the back garden at the rain barrel washing their hair when their suitors arrived early at the front of the house. The girls were ushered by their mother up a ladder into the bedroom window so the men wouldn’t see them until they were suitable attired.

My brother is having difficulty working on a script with a gaggle of kids on summer holidays (Canada) screaming all day outside his window.
"The screams of children at play are the gentle music of old age".
I remember Mum and me hearing that once and thinking that whoever wrote it is counting on being deaf in old age.

I've been told I need to lower my cholesterol- turns out it's actually what used to be normal but they changed the official level for normal so now it's a bit elevated. Like when a few years back "they" decided to lower the levels of certain bacteria allowable in Sydney's water supply, and we all had to start boiling our water or use bottled water even though the levels were what they'd been for decades. Then they changed the levels back again but the supermarket shelves had filled with bottled water and have stayed that way ever since.

Just musings today...Sunday...will toast my toes by the wood stove tonight.