Wind and wain in Wales

From the comfy couch, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Today Wales decided to show off its wind and horizontal rain...beautiful and misty from the kitchen window, billowing hoods and slapping windshield wipers once out in it, bulls in the field behind the house grazing on the long flattened green grass regardless.

Thoughts of picturesque drives along dainty winding roads through charming villages morphed into a late breakfast of tea and cinnamon rolls, and a wander (in the car) down to the undercover Saturday market where parking required patience and quick wits as on Saturday mornings all over the world. I buy a thermal mountaineering pullover. Raincoats and umbrellas, scarves and hats, woollens and gloves on display in shops suggested that the frivolity of summer is over. I understand summer happened on three days in May, and another four in September.


Over lunch I surreptitiously spread out all of my coins, appearing to be counting them, but in fact learning how to identify them. There’s only so much change that little zipped compartment in your wallet can hold before you have to stop paying every time in 20 pound notes.

Grocery shops are interesting in other countries, and of course seeing the Welsh language everywhere and hearing it spoken is a treat. Its melody is reminiscent of Hindi.


My niece and nephew and I sit with our identical laptops while the basset, Shirley, manages quite ingenious mischief. She climbs halfway up the stairs, pokes her head endearingly through the rails, checks to see if she’s being watched, then grabs a mouthful of stuffing from my pillows which have been hidden out of her reach...if she’s standing on the floor.

It takes hours and hours to come up with a cartoon, I finally email it off and within minutes it has been approved by my editor in Australia. This technology is amazing. I wasn’t even plugged into anything! I wonder how many people my cartoon passed through? I wonder if there will be lasting effects?

Today I itched to have the camera out more but needed my hands to keep my hood on.
Tomorrow we plan to indulge in a slap-up Sunday Dinner at a local pub or restaurant. I have a feeling that with the cooler weather, comfy food will be featuring big on the agenda!