You can take a duck to water...

Bonnes, small village, south western France


The sun was lovely today. When I’m working on cartoon ideas while sitting out in the garden, I can look exactly like I’m asleep. It’s uncanny.


A neighbour is away at the moment so the household here is letting hens out in the morning for her and feeding and putting them to bed in the evening. When I accompanied the two labradors, one Auntie and one small boy to do the deed this afternoon, the hens were nowhere to be seen. We looked everywhere. The garden is beautiful and peaceful and runs down to the river. A playpen with a half-eaten carrot in it suggested that the guinea pigs, who I understand have gone back to England, were called away urgently. Twin white ducks with toupees were hopeful about the container of layer pellets, but were ultimately disappointed.

Apparently these particular ducks don’t like water. They prefer to perch on top of a swimmer’s head. Makes sense.......

I went back later in the evening on my own to see if the hens had returned from wherever they’d been and to shut them in for the night, but realised after I’d lured and locked up whoever was there that I had forgotten to ask exactly how many of them there are and what they look like. Luckily “two” and “red” was right.

The light this evening was wonderful......................

....The lovely woman who lives in this house is 104 years old. Her daughter is 85.

Interesting facts picked up while travelling:

There are little cars in France that you can drive without a licence (non-permis) - they only go at 35 kph and are very fuel efficient.

There are lots of moles in France. They are much bigger than you thought.

It is simply silly to suggest you could make a mountain out of a molehill. I tried.

The Boulangerie (baker) here isn’t open on Mondays any more now that summer is over.

Octopus like to be stroked between the eyes.

Octopus must have eyes.

France has termites.

If you meet a bear, you are probably not in France.

If you meet a bear, try to look big, back up calmly, and leave your pack on the ground to distract it while you slip away.

If you meet a Black Bear, have done all of the above and it attacks, fight to the death because they don’t like to get injured, unlike you.

If you meet a Grizzly Bear, have done all of the above and it attacks, roll into a ball and protect your neck with your hands.

Or the other way around. You may be a little hazy at the time.

Unfortunately your Bear identification book is in your pack.

With your “What to do if you meet a Bear” book.