Mullee Mullee and Manilla

This week I hear whether one of my paintings has been accepted for hanging in the Glover Prize exhibition in Tasmania in April. If so, what a GREAT excuse to go down again for the opening and take my paints! If not, I’ll just have to think up another adventure. This coming Friday is the day when, after the post has arrived, I’ll either be excited or thinking.

Last week I spent time on a cattle property called Mullee Mullee near Bendemeer NSW painting on the top of a hill and then in the hay shed. I wanted to paint from life to see what would happen. Bumping up and down hills and around the place on the back of a quad bike and hopping off to open and close gates had me grinning from ear to ear reminding me of my own days living on a property. A country wedding at Manilla (north of Tamworth) complete with reception and bush dance in a working wool shed followed. The groom’s expression as his bride arrived and then stood before him was so wonderful that he didn’t need vows; it was all there in his face.


My main encounters with nature included being stung by a wasp when visiting a beautiful nook amongst the hills (spotted spotted deer close to the spot) and being handed a pressure bandage in case of snake bite when being dropped at the top of the hill for the day with my 6 kilos of paints. I’m aware of snakes and do look out for them, but there’s nothing like being handed a pressure bandage to make every bit of rope, every sinuous shadow, every rustle in the grass cause for momentary loss of concentration. At one stage a long slim dark thing rose up out of the grass startling me enough to leap away rather quickly and off the other end of the stick.

............... (the rest of my paintings are at

My other adventure was leaving for the 6 1/2 hour drive home on Sunday and not being able to help clean up after the festivities because of a French class on Monday morning. First one. The class was a bit disappointing - I know I need to brush up on my grammar so the lesson was OK but I’d thought it would all be in French. And more advanced. I bumped into a friend as I left...turns out she is taking the conversation class at the other end of the hall which has me on the roll! Le oops!