The other day I received an email from the new puppy chez a friend of mine. She has obviously grasped not only the language but also keyboards and basic electronic communication which I think is pretty fine. The wedding dress alluded to is one which my friend has made for a person on a diet, therefore needing judicious refitting and discussing at regular intervals. It has been an interesting and ongoing topic of conversation...I was recently sent a photo. The Emma mentioned is the pup’s much older but still very bouncy half-sister.

P.S. I have checked with the puppy, Meg, and she is quite OK with me reproducing our correspondence here. She did raise a few issues regarding copyright but had already done a search on the internet so they were easily negotiated. The internet, for all of its myriad faults, does have the odd advantage. I’m sure when I was nine weeks old I would have had a great deal more difficulty researching copyright issues. I wonder if the young of today have any idea how much they are taking for granted...

On 30/09/2009, at 11:12 PM, MEG wrote:

How bold am I.  9 weeks and I have conquered the stairs thus making my Mom get slimmer and slimmer with keeping up with me.  I am faster than Emma and having two sets of stairs is really fun.


Hi Meg,

Thanks for the note. Wow, well done re the stairs. Have you tried hiding her shoes? That can be a fun game too.

And nice to meet you. You have found yourself a wonderful home, so well done for that as well. I guess you don't know much about wedding dresses yet but the one at your house is pretty fabulous. It can be your yardstick (we actually use metres these days but the expression requires imperial measure...I'm not sure how many paws that it...funnily, horses are measured in hands and they don't even have any - you may see a horse one day - be prepared - they're big but I understand their poops smell great) for wedding dresses from now on.

Bye for now,