It's a bit bouncy out today...

.Something in the air or maybe It’s a bit bouncy out today...yup I think that’s it.

The exhibition is hung, the opening has been had as of last Sunday, it was a lovely afternoon with some very special bush tucker food, and several paintings will be going to new homes. The exhibition is a solo show of 49 works at Gordon Library running from June 3 to August 30 2010. I paint under my non nom de plume so it is called “Kerry Thompson - And now for something completely different...”

At the top of this page is a new little painting which I did today - first time I’ve had the chance to paint for weeks..apart from one which I did yesterday but which doesn’t photograph very well because there’s a lot of silver and opalescent paint on it. I had a bit of stage fright at first - what to paint - can I still paint - how to start - then just put colours I love on the palette, switched on the radio to music, and let the painting go where it wanted without trying to make it turn into anything. VERY fun and happy-making!!

It is cooling down as we move into winter, and I toast my toes by the wood stove every evening.

......I took my dog to the dog beach (Bayview) and was delighted by the house boat with a dog house. I guess it’s a doggy house boat with a boaty dog house. Or something.

I went for a bushwalk and found wonderful lichens, aboriginal rock carvings, and a tiny insect-catching sundew.

One item in the exhibition is called “Watch this space...” and I put new things up on an irregular basis. So far there has been this cartoon:

then I hung a little
pink hat with a feather on it and this:

Hermit crab

Hermit crabs are known for their habit of living in second hand shells. It is not always good to be known for your habits. Luckily it isn’t something worse.

As it grows in size, the
hermit crab has to abandon its old home and find something more up to date. As the hermit crab doesn’t get out much it can be a little hazy about what’s up to date.

Occasionally, a rare
hermit crab will throw caution to the wind and move into something bold, possibly with feathers, which it always wanted to wear and which it thinks looks quite fetching, while at the same time, deep down, being a little worried that it just looks silly.


I know a little hermit crab
She hides inside a shell.
I think she smiles when I go by,
It’s kind of hard to tell.


A couple of days ago I changed “Watch this space...” again and hung an odd sock with this:

This is my favourite sock.

It used to be a pair but the other one has gone missing.

Where DO odd socks GO?

I think this one’s partner has gone to Perth.

Which makes me wonder, WHY do socks disappear?

We treat them as a pair, but when you come to think of it, only because they LOOK the same.

Maybe below the surface they are quite different and crave individuality.

Or maybe they both prefer the same foot and one gets tired of sharing.

Or maybe one finds a solemate in a sporty little anklet.

Or runs off with a shoe.

Hmmm...all food for thought.

Which makes me wonder about knives and forks...

Stay tuned...