Kerry Millard - Unplugged, Unframed, and Ever-so-slightly Unhinged

It was a success!!!!!!!!


After climbing over students and readers sitting at little study desks in order to hang paintings, adding labels, straightening and blutacking, helping with food preparation, picking up wine and teacups, making lists and ticking things off them, the time arrived for the Opening of my first exhibition of paintings which runs until September 30: “Kerry Millard - Unplugged, Unframed, and Ever-so-slightly Unhinged”.

There are 41 works spread along the walls of the Gordon Library, and for me it is wonderful to see them all at once! It makes the library feel like my living room made gigantic - full of books and my familiar paintings.

Duncan Ball (author of Selby books, and My Sister Has A Big Black Beard which I illustrated) gave a lovely introduction and read several poems from our book. I then had a chance to chat about how deeply important it was to me that my mother had loaned me her oil paints when I was 8 and took my painting of a puppy to a gallery owner to see if he thought I should start lessons.

Their respect for me as a painter made that part of my identity- but a part which I had forgotten. And which I have now remembered with great excitement and productivity!

People loved the paintings (yay!) and six sold on the night. All have gone to good homes. I’ve put prices on the paintings in my “gallery” on this website so they are now available for sale here as well. Bittersweet- seeing my babies going off into the world...but you have to let go to make room for the next thing!

And in the middle of it all, a beautiful colourful bouquet arrived from my friend in the Yukon - colours matching those of the paintings!

Sigh. I’m still smiling.