How to Drop a Bull with one Rope

So I was driving along a little back road the other day - a little residential street with parking on one side but narrow enough that you have to pull over to let oncoming traffic through. It winds a bit and there are those bumpy things in the middle to keep you on your side of the road. It is a 50 km p h area. There are speed humps. It is an uphill climb to the highway. There are traffic lights at the highway and pedestrians. Suffice to say I was not speeding up to the lights at the top.

I heard someone beeping. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw right behind me a little car with two young fellas in it- presumably laughing and joking, otherwise they were fitting in synchrony. I guessed they had spotted a friend. They were right on my tail. Hey, could they have been beeping at ME???!!!
I was still in a bit of doubt until red finally turned to green and they whisked around the corner behind me with a final auditory rude finger.

Hurrumppfff! How infuriating! How unjust! OK, so my hair is mostly grey - but that’s no reason to treat me like a little old lady driving irritatingly slowly for their coursing hormones and underdeveloped frontal lobes. What about the narrow road, the speed limit, the hill, the curves, the speed humps, oncoming traffic, the pedestrians, the inevitable red light...?

I began to work out what I would have done if only I had realised sooner that they were honking at ME! And if I’d known the light would be red for that long...I would have leapt out of my car, stridden (or whatever the word is in whatever that tense is for “stride”) back to knock on their window and said,

“Are you beeping at ME?”

If they had said yes (or something along those lines) I’d have said,

“So - I can drop a full grown bull with one rope. Can YOU?”

They would have been suitably chastened and incredibly impressed by the obviously vigorous, strong, wiley and superior person that I am in comparison to them.

Too bad I wasn’t wiley and superior enough to work out that I was being honked at.

Incidentally, yes I can drop a full grown bull with one rope and have had occasion to do so, but what does it say that the thing I think of to “show THEM!!!!” has to do with showing off superior strength and toughness?

Food for thought and worth some hearty discussion I think!