The Next Adventure

I’ve spent four days trying to bring a painting of Paris to a conclusion. It finally happened today when some friends who have connections with an artists’ paint manufacturer kindly dropped off a bag of amazing colours at my front door! They were just what I needed to complete the picture!

It actually looks better in the flesh - it’s 102 cm x 102 cm so you can see the bits better. This is based on a view from the escalator of the Pompidou Centre...I just LOVED the rolling sea of rooftop chimney pots. I’ve put a series of photos of its creation on the drawing table- not because I’d intended to do a series of photos of its creation but because I kept thinking it was finished. Then decided to finish it again...

I’ve begun to look into artist in residence spots and have come across grants awarded by the Australia Council for the Arts for just that purpose, closing date August 5th! How lucky is that???!!! I can apply for Paris, Helsinki, New York, Liverpool, Rome, Barcelona, Tokyo, or Berlin. I’m leaning towards Paris because of the galleries there, but will look into the others before I lodge the application. Other studios have more of an emphasis on meeting other artists and being involved with the artistic and wider community. I think. I’d better read it again with my glasses on. The grants are competed for vigorously so there’s not much chance of getting one, but there’s certainly more chance than if I DON’T apply! So here goes!

In the meantime I’m warming my feet by the wood stove as the house is off the market for the winter so I can paint. I’ve just turned the electric blanket on so will have a cosy toasty warm bed to snuggle into. I feel like some toast!