On the mend

Shadow Land

I’ve had a cold which is why I haven’t blogged for a while, but am on the mend! I’ve treated it with multiple cups of tea and a lot of reading...I learned that there’s a bacterium with tiny magnets in it. Just think - If I hadn’t had a cold, I’d never have known....and you might never have known. Wow!

Today I hung 10 paintings in the Gordon branch of Westpac Bank...if customers are happy about them then possibly they’ll stay longer than the trial of a month. It was quite surreal when I’d finished to look around and have the bank feeling like my house.

I’ve been painting again and am having a lot of fun with an opalescent paint that catches the light at different angles which means that as the light in the room changes, so does the painting.

And...SOMEBODY has been nibbling my baby spinach plants! I’ve sprayed with garlic in case it was bugs, sprayed with Copper stuff in case it was slugs and snails, but last night little bits were left behind looking suspiciously like a mouse or rat is the culprit - so tonight I lock the seedlings in the aviary I use as a toolshed. Take THAT! It’s getting dark- better go and do it