Halfway 'round the world

A bit of a gap since my last entry but I’m up and running again. I was planning for and then setting out on a trip around the world and am writing from a B&B in Canning, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada.
So far travelling with my graphics tablet (4 x 6 Intuos 3) and laptop is working well, except PainterX still doesn’t like running on the latest Mac operating system.

The story so far...

I said good bye to my house

then flew to Vancouver for a good sleep.

I had week in Toronto with my brother where the gardens were beautiful,

I fell in love with a bicycle (but couldn’t fit it in my bag)
and raccoons visited in the middle of the night.

The next week I was in a B&B in Ottawa and had a chance to speak French with my hostess. Their garden on the river was delightful.

I love visiting the Ottawa Byward Market- I once worked in a butcher shop there for a month- there was sawdust on the floor.

This bear was dancing between some buildings.

The sentry outside Canada’s Governor General’s house is always eye catching and a bit exciting to me.

I took the walk I used to take summer and winter with the dogs when I was growing up in Ottawa.

Next thing I knew I was in Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia, looking across the river to tiny wooden houses and a little white church.

I explored along the Annapolis River and found a small stark house, completely isolated on a hill overlooking the Bay of Fundy where the world’s biggest tides put on a show twice every day. As I watched, a finger of dense fog rolled in across the bay. At Annapolis Royal you can see the only Tidal Power Generator in North America.

The host at my B&B is a chef and the ingredients for the beautiful meals he prepares are mostly from their Mr McGregor “organically grown” garden.

Blueberries were ripening and delicious!!!

Did I mention the tides are big?...

Houses here are generally timber, usually white or pale yellow or blue with white trim, and the older ones have elaborate timber decoration. When doing a search for real estate, one criterion you can use is “Houses greater than 100 years old” and there are still lots to look at. Annapolis Royal is 403 years old.

The various little harbours are fascinating and it would be interesting to be around at the time of day when they’re working to get a glimpse into a way of life centuries old. I keep finding the curves and colours and textures arresting.

I explored backroads...

dined in a Harbourville cafe

had fun teasing my GPS as I meandered through the Annapolis Valley countryside (“Re-calculating...re-calculating...”)

and had a wonderful time chatting with the artists who were involved with “Paint the Town” in Annapolis Royal over this past weekend.

I love colour!

In the evening paintings were noisily silently auctioned and following tension mounting to the six o’clock deadline people queued to pay for their “wins”.

Time for me to vacate the B&B
(Croft House- beautiful)

and wave good bye.

Tonight I write from Canning. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.