Next Adventure

We have had rain here in Sydney

A Noisy Miner (little grey bird) hasn’t had enough and takes a bath

while Gracie has had too much and decides to come inside to look for lunch.

On Monday I’ll be flying down to Launceston in Tasmania to begin a three week search for my next home. I’ll travel about the north in a hired car with my trusty (HAH!) GPS , squiggle down to the south, then have a week twiddling around Hobart before heading home again. Tasmania is about the size of Ireland, is dry in the middle and very wet and rugged on the west coast. It has some very old houses from the more recent Australian perspective, having been an early penal colony.

Other Things I know about Tasmania

- yes, it is part of Australia.
-it has some amazing old growth mossy giant forests including ancient beech trees which are even more ancient than they were when I first saw them in 1979
- there are no house-eating termites there...a BIG plus
-yes, there are Tasmanian devils
-no, they don’t spin around like the one on Bugs Bunny

I have my fingers crossed that there I’ll find a little old house that’s been waiting for me with a little back gate leading out onto...something...with a nice community and lovely places to go for walks. VERY exciting...


Wild neighbours

This week our thoughts have been filled with the bushfires in Victoria. So terrifying. So much sadness and loss.

This week my house on the edge of the bush has been visited by several wonderful animals. They are the very reason why so many of us love to live where we do amongst the trees.

A pair of brown pigeons came to visit. I’ve never seen them before but hearing their call, I know they’ve been around.

I discovered a wee frog who sits on the back railing after dark...

A moth like a curled piece of leaf visited the kitchen...the photo doesn’t show how its wings curl around like a roll of paper...

...And shadows paint their own pictures...


This summer we have had very hot days and humid which makes them unpleasant but reduces the risk of bushfire slightly. It is frightening to smell smoke on the wind day after day but this year in Sydney has been relatively quiet and at the moment we are having cool weather and rain.


I can hear frogs as I write - two types that sound like machine guns- one higher pitch than the other, and some that sound like wood tapping against wood or somebody playing tennis. I can hear the fruit bats in the valley and parrots. I can hear a black headed cuckoo shrike. And I’m sitting in my living room.

Next month I plan to travel to Tasmania for several weeks to see if that’s where I might like to make my home. Fingers crossed...I’m ready to leave Sydney and it would be helpful to have some place to go. Otherwise I’ll put everything into storage, find babysitters for the hens and duck and dog, take my work with me and explore for a year or so. I would love to find a cosy house in a cooler climate with a little back gate leading...somewhere... a nice place for walking with my dog, and maybe a river or lake nearby...Also on the list is a vege patch for planting some giant pumpkin seeds given to me by some lovely friends! So the hunt is on for a house that goes with pumpkin seeds...

Happy Valentine’s Day