I mostly have my painter hat on at the moment - but next month is Book Week so I’ll be visiting a few schools to talk about illustrating and writing which will be fun!

Two of my paintings have gone out into the world and are with Gallery 41 in Woolloomooloo - inner Sydney in a gallery district - not far from the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I’ve just become a member of the Art Gallery Society and so I will be going to a free (to members) viewing of the Paths to Abstraction exhibition which is running at the moment. It should be fantastic.

And the Gallery person who had to cancel our planned exhibition is back on deck and has asked if I’d like to give her a small collection of paintings to hang...so I said YES!!!! Exciting! A gallery in Tamworth would be happy to take a couple, as would one in Canberra, although the person at the latter called my work “decorative”. My back went up AND my nose out of joint. To me “decorative” means that its only purpose and value is in matching the curtains. Then I thought - hmmm...I suppose when it comes down to it, ALL paintings could be called decorative, because they all hang on walls! Anyway, she said that being the nation’s capital there are always politicians moving in and wanting to furnish houses. Come to think of it, we DO have an unexpected new Prime Minister since I last wrote, and there WILL probably be an election within the next few months, with possibly a few politicians involved...like I said, hmmm... I wonder what colours go with red hair...???

A few weeks ago I went for a bushwalk with my daughter. We have very similar navigational skills.

It’s chilly and I have the wood stove on. Cosy! I wonder how much longer we’ll be allowed to burn wood for heating? I love that in this modern day and age some of us still use the same source of heat as earliest humans. And I was reading “African Genesis” by Robert Ardrey and came to the bit about insects clustering together to form a flower that doesn’t actually exist in nature. I emailed a zoology professor of mine at the University of Toronto from 1975 and asked if they could be mimicking a flower which itself died out millions of years ago - he answered!!! He remembered me (red hair and pigtails) and said yes! Isn’t that thought exciting?!! They could be a living fossil in the most literal sense of the term!!!! I love this planet!!!!!