Sculptures, Tips and Chowders

Mostly I worked today - I had a deadline to meet for two cartoons which I had suddenly remembered yesterday afternoon. It was lovely working while swinging in the seat on the front verandah. Yes, I made the deadline.

I drove into Wolfville which is a lovely old university town. I managed to find a parking space where I wouldn’t have to parallel park. I wonder if I can do this whole trip avoiding parallel parking on the right? I always seem to be crooked when I park here. Even if there’s nobody for miles. Also, the horizon in Nova Scotia is generally on a tilt. It’s quite isn’t noticeable until you look at my photos and in them the horizon definitely tilts down to the right...Bay of Fundy tidal effect I suspect.

For lunch I had seafood chowder at a Nova Scotian Irish Pub. It tasted great, even after I found the hair in it. I mentioned the hair to my waitress when she came to take the bowl away, saying that I don’t expect to die from it so not to worry, but I thought they’d like to figure our how it got there. She asked me to describe the hair (male, about six foot two, sunglasses, grey tracksuit with a logo on the back, slight limp...have I read too many detective novels?) Can’t say I had paid too much attention to it, and it was covered with chowder so was pretty well white, but I guess was about this long, and originally dark.

She brought the bill and only charged me half. Nice. Although I tipped her according to the whole amount .

I HATE tipping. I get the bill, and if I’m paying by credit card I take it to the till where I hope that they’ll take a signature rather than needing a PIN which I forgot to remember, and where various employees stand breathing down my neck as I try to figure out, in front of them, how much the wretched 15% tip should be (making sure not to include tax in the amount 15% of which the tip should be) and how much that is when you add it to the total. Sometimes my brain does a complete freeze.

I wish the service industries paid adequate wages so that people didn’t depend upon me being able to do multiplication (or division - I’m a bit hazy). Silly that you, the waitress, get paid more if somebody orders lobster than if they order haddock. You still have to carry one plate.


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