Wish The Watch Dog's Watch Worked

Gully gum

Susie, now 14, (my dog), I am convinced, is a bit touched with dementia. She is beginning to get excited about dinner earlier and earlier, in fact, almost directly after breakfast. Add to that the fact that today we went back onto eastern standard time so tea was that much later and you can understand why I was keen to take her up to the park to distract her for the extra hour until it was time for her dinner. As it turns out, my dinner was also an hour later so I had to hurry her back from the park so I could eat.


We have just had some lovely rain. Which is lucky. I installed a watering system comprising some of those hoses that leak water gently into the garden, and my ex fish pond pump lowered into the rainwater tank. Unfortunately, the pump doesn’t have enough oomph, particularly after slugs have left their silver trails sealing the hoses, so I haven’t bothered to turn it on. But because I have a watering system I haven’t thought to water the garden Hence my garden had almost expired when the rain started. Phew. Luckily the tank is now full. I expect it will be full for some time.

A friend took my very first batch of paintings away to go into an art show. They looked very exciting all tucked up in their bubble wrap, but I still feel a bit awful saying goodbye to them. They are going into the Colours of Autumn Bendemeer show, and I’ll go up for the opening to say hi to them. I don’t know whether I’ll be more disappointed if they don’t sell or if they do. I must get over that!

The latest paintings include a storm brewing in Tasmania.

Happy Easter Bunny!