Into the wilds...

A friend was telling me about her bus ride today to work at the local University. The driver was asking what she was doing, given that she was the only passenger on the bus this close to Christmas. The driver told my friend that she herself has a double degree in Chemistry and Science, but just likes driving buses. How inspiring! Yay for all people who follow their heart even if it isn’t the course expected of them by others who purely look at their qualifications.

Following my own heart (while cartoon and book deadlines take a break) I have been madly painting still - the next challenge has been to leave the room I have been painting in to experience painting in the wild. I shifted to the livingroom.

Just before that, though, here is the finished France-ish one again - I couldn’t resist changing the sky. It will be going to northern New South Wales which looks a bit like this.

Then it was time to play with COLOUR! I can’t remember how this one was started.

Then I made my move out into the livingroom. I bought some Artist quality paints this week (as opposed to student quality) which I have been told aren’t light sensitive and the colours won’t change. Which means my other paintings are light sensitive and the colours will change. NOW you tell me. Poop.

This next one was inspired by shapes and objects on my back verandah. After drawing the outlines of a few shapes such as table, gateway, watering can, the spaces between were filled in first and painted as if they were solid forms with shading and light. That made the objects themselves insignificant - a good way to escape from painting a table the way we’ve been taught to see and paint a table, for example. Flowers and branches were painted in a symbol form; the zig zag represents a tree fern frond. I’ve added white paint to most of the colours which has made everything softer.

A quick chicken was morphed into a little duck.

The next challenge was to choose two tubes of paint at random (eyes closed) - I got red and blue (yay)(I’m allowed (by me) to use white) so did the livingroom again...detail reduced even further. Now this looks like “modern art”, don’t you think? Apparently the sign of good design in a painting is that no matter which way up you have it, it works. So next time you hear someone making disparaging remarks about not knowing which way up a painting goes, they have actually just complimented the artist.

Finally, I grabbed two tubes of paint again without looking and got yellow and black. “Oh no!”, I said. I went to put the black back but was caught by one of my kids who challenged me to see what I’d do with yellow and black. Again, poop. So I did a portrait of said kid which, once I was left to my own devices, and once it was rotated by 90 degrees turned into an Australian bush inspired thing. Yes, there’s a touch of orange, but I changed the rules.

Happy and Merry Christmas if you have Christmas, and Happy Whatever if you don’t!