Juggling cockatoos

Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada

Today I tried to get ahead with some work, including illustrating a piece teaching kids how to juggle, using “hand A” and “hand B”, “ball 1” and “ball 2” and “point X” , all demonstrated by a cockatoo and a pygmy possum.

I took my computer and graphics tablet with me to a local cafe which I hadn’t tried before. It is gorgeous,

and is half restaurant and half art shop. I may get some paints and a little artist’s notebook tomorrow...

.......reminiscent of a shop in Annapolis Royal which is half bookshop and half leatherwear!

I had forgotten to bring my stylus to the cafe which I needed in order to be able to use the graphics tablet to do drawings, so left my computer on the table and dashed back to the B&B. Wouldn’t do that in many places! I hadn’t paid for my coffee yet but I guess they trusted me to come back...I hadn’t been able to find the stylus I’d been using earlier in the kitchen at the B&B (the only place I can get an internet connection) so had to use my spare. Later I searched for the original in my handbag
and under the bed...it was behind the bookcase. Phew!!!!

Annapolis Valley from the Look Off

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