Glovers off, New Gallery, and FAQs


I sent off two entries for consideration for the Glover Tasmanian landscape painting prize but heard on Friday that my pieces were not selected as finalists. It would have been VERY exciting to be included but there’s always next year (and the year after, and the next one...) It means I can still look forward to the first time my paintings get recognition somewhere. My main reason for entering was to have photos of my work in the hands of the three judges who selected the finalists; fun to think of people in the art world seeing them. Of course, like a lot of artists, I suspect, there’s the skillfully camouflaged worry that the judges will take one look, see right through you and collapse in hysterics.
One would be mean to hope they get a stitch.

My paintings were based on a trip through the drought-stricken midlands of Tasmania in March 2009. The second was an attempt to simplify down to the essential elements. I think that is what I aspire to in painting - something which is fundamental to my work as a cartoonist and illustrator.

Bare bones

I’ve also met a lot of people in the Philippines this week as I spent hours and hours and HOURS creating a new website and getting a new domain and trying to point each at the other somewhere out there in the ether and having to ring at the end of my rope for technical, emotional and mental support. And yes, I DID check the FAQs... but you have to know which Q to ask, and if you know the question you probably know enough to solve the problem. Frankly I’d be EMBARRASSED to have Frequently Asked Questions on my website. If a question is being asked FREQUENTLY, doesn’t that suggest that your website DOESN’T GIVE PEOPLE ENOUGH INFORMATION!!!!!????? But the people in the Philippines were very nice. People in the Philippines are very nice. Probably why they got the job.

While cartooning and illustrating and writing under the nom de plume Kerry Millard, I am painting under my non-nom de plume Kerry Thompson. I have a new online gallery at

At least, I think I do.

If so, take a look when you have a minute. If you have any questions, I can recommend the Philippines.