I'm a cartoonist, a book illustrator, an author and now a painter too. I live in Sydney Australia.

I have been cartooning since 1986 and have twice been awarded
Best Single Gag Cartoon Artist by the Australian Cartoonists' Association.

One book I illustrated was voted CBC (Children's Book Council of Australia)
Book of The Year, Junior Readers, and one was a runner-up, another was nominated and one has been turned into a movie.

I have been a clown from time to time, I like to sing and I like to make
paintings. I live beside the bush and love all of the wildlife around my home.
After studying zoology, I came to Australia and studied to be a veterinarian. I was a vet for a time and then took a break for moving and having babies. I also got a crazy dog and took him to dog training classes. The Club who held the classes had a newsletter called Yaps and Yelps. I though it would be fun to do some cartoons for it and there was such a good response to them that I thought I'd look into being a cartoonist until I went back to vetting.
I loved animals while I was growing up and was very interested in them. Our house was full of them, including a squirrel monkey called Joey. I'd seen her in a pet shop where she looked so sad that I visited her again and again. I told my parents about her and they said, "NO MORE PETS".
But, one day we came home from school and there she was in a cage on the kitchen table. My parents had visited her and felt so sorry for her they'd brought her home. We let her out of the cage and she bossed us all around from then on.
I started out by cartooning for a computer magazine, then before long was working as a freelance cartoonist forThe Sydney Morning Herald. I have worked for lots of other publications since then.
I took some drawings to a book publisher and asked if she thought I could illustrate some books for her, and she said, "Yes!"

The first book was
Just Like Emily by Sally Odgers.

Now I have illustrated a lot of books, something I really enjoy doing.
One book I illustrated, Nim's Island by Wendy Orr has been turned into a movie! And I got to be in it for 1 1/2 seconds!!! A sequel, Return to Nim's Island has now been made too!

Wow!!!! I got to be hugged by Jodie Foster and kissed by a sea lion. Amazing where life can take you!!!
I was interested in connecting with people through clowning and in 2007 I went to Russia with clown doctor Patch Adams and a group of 36 other clowns. We came from 13 countries around the world to play with kids and parents and staff in hospitals and orphanages and with people on the streets. It was a wonderful adventure.
When the publisher asked me one day if I'd like to write my own book I said, "Yes!"

Gordon's Biscuit started out as some scribbles on a big piece of drawing paper. Now it has been published in Korea and China. I plan to turn it into an eBook.
My second book is Quincy and Oscar
In 2008 I travelled for three months going all the way around the world. You can find the trip in my Blog: August, September and October. Check out September 4th...the day I picked up a car and had to drive across the country with a nutty GPS.

At the moment I am busy making and exhibiting paintings - exploring and experimenting with acrylics on canvas . It has made me feel content, although restless to see what the next painting will be - I have been a painter on the inside since I was 8 years old and did my first oil painting. Now I am a painter on the outside too.

My first exhibition opened on Sept 3rd 2009 in Gordon at the library and ran for a month. Since then I have been involved with about 27 shows and exhibitions, have had some work travel to Seoul, South Korea for an exhibition, have set up my own pop-up (temporary gallery) in several locations, have been on
TV and have had a painting hanging in NSW Parliament House. Next door at kerrythompsonsgallery.com you can see the very different work I've been doing using my other name, Kerry Thompson. You can also watch the TV episode of me at work at the easel, and a slideshow of my paintings with some very toe-tapping music about pies!

If you'd like to see some and learn more about this new adventure, come and visit me next door at
Kerry Thompson's Gallery

Updated Jan 2013
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